#Pinchaday 7-Day Challenge

Hi MasalaBody friend! I lost 40 lbs. using these 7 spices

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I used these 7 spices to lose 40 lbs!

  • You'll learn the one SWEET spice that helped me banish my constant cravings for chocolate cake (Day 1) 
  • My fat started MELTING away with a pinch of this EVERYDAY spice on my soups and salads (Day 4)
  • I trimmed my tummy 3x faster with a pinch of this spice on my eggs and vegetables (it's in your kitchen cabinet right now! Day 5)
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"I've can already see and feel the difference. . .I lost 1.5kg (3 pounds) in one week by adding 2 of the spices to my daily food and coffee!"

Many women go on to lose 15-30 lbs. after learning how to spice off their fat

"I lost 4 pounds (2kgs) in 5-days in your free spice challenge!"

Deepshikha went on to lose 29 lbs after she did this challenge and learned the spices

Learn the 7 fat-burning spices I used to lose 40 lbs.+ 7 easy recipes to use them in during the 7-day #PinchADay challenge