Entrepreneur, Mom of a 3-year old lost 20 lbs. eating with spices! 

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Deepshikha, mom of 2, lost more than 16 lbs (7 kgs) in 8 weeks of Spice Yourself Skinny (SYS) with almost NO exercise! People can't believe she's a mom of a 1-year old! She went on to lose 29 lbs using SYS!

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Marianne lost 20 pounds after she saw a video of herself teaching her daughter to ride a bike. You could see LAYERS of fat! Even her father lost 7 lbs and is pain free after knee surgery!

Vicky's in her fifties and lost a whopping 17 lbs (7.7 kgs) WITHOUT doing any cardio or other exercise!! Her metabolism sped up to 100 mph using SYS!

Spices can help you shed pounds

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Rachel lost over 12 lbs (5.5 kgs) during SYS while sticking to her vegetarian diet! She looks and feels SMOKIN' HOT in her little black dresses now!

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Marlise dropped over 7.7 lbs (4 kgs) maintaining her Vegetarian diet while chasing around her 2 kids living in Thailand!

Sheding pounds with kids can be easy!

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Even AFTER retiring, Barbara lost a jaw-dropping 18 lbs (8 kgs)! She CRAVES vegetables now!

Spices help you melt off your unwanted fat

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Noe knew her husband needed Nagina's program when he was at his heavist. Working together Noe lost 14lbs and her husband lost 20! Even the kids loved the meals!

Who wouldn't call Denise a sexy mom? Denise lost 10 lbs. (5 kgs) and KEPT IT OFF during the holidays while enjoying it with her daughter and husband! What a great example she is setting!

Uzee went from her kids playfully calling her chubby to sharing clothes with her 12 year old daughter!

How you can share clothing with your teenagers by losing weight

Uzee's son drops by to tell us how his mommy went from "fatty" to "slim!" Uzee used spices the way Nagina showed her and BOOM! She got skinnier!

Natalie was a new mom, still breastfeeding, and lost 10 lbs. using SYS AND her baby was healthfully fed! This hot mom and actress has since booked a guest-starring role on the CBS hit show Madam Secretary and she's so glad she's in shape for it!

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Kelly has a desk job and melted away a jaw-dropping 17 lbs (8 kgs) and she got there WITHOUT doing any exercise!

Losing weight

Using Spice Yourself Skinny Kelly was able to get excited about losing weight! She never starved herself or felt deprived! 

Alexia shed more than 24 lbs (11 kgs) and is back to the weight she was BEFORE having children! 

losing weight after having kids can be fun and easy

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Li used to be asked if she was pregnant even though she was just "skinny fat"! Now she does Zumba flaunting her tight tummy!

Use spices to gain your tight tummy

Listen to Li tell you how she lost 14 lbs (6.5 kgs) and her pooch.

Heather has lost a total of 30 lbs (14 kgs) using Spice Yourself Skinny! Losing 30 lbs makes wearing a bathing suit SO much better!

Losing 30 lbs makes wearing a bathing suit that much better

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After adding spices with SYS, Perpetua now shops in the little girls section, she is so TINY after losing 14 lbs (6.5 kgs)!

Perpetua ROCKS her crop tops now!

Perpetua now ROCKS her crop tops and feels great, hear her tell you about how easy Spice Yourself Skinny is!